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As a state-of-the-art medical laboratory, PathLogic understands that comprehensive, up-to-date diagnostic information is crucial to clinical decisions. We know that sharing this crucial information is as important as producing it. That’s why detailed diagnostic reports featuring high-quality digital imagery have been available to PathLogic clients since day one, and why we offer even more informative, accessible, and convenient diagnostic reports – whether via email, fax, hard copy, smart phone, or iPAD.

PathLogic is proud to be a partner with Atlas Medical. Atlas Medical is the industry leader in client clinical connectivity solutions. The partnership with Altas improves PathLogic’s reporting platform to include results to mobile devices, EMR interface design, integration, and support, and an internet orders and results portal for pathology results.

Wide range of reporting options – the choice is yours

Currently, PathLogic offers a wide selection of information-sharing options and technologies to our clients, ambulatory care centers, and hospitals. How you would like to obtain our reports is entirely up to you. Options and technologies to our clients include:

  • Internet-based orders and results portal: https:\\
  • Results via iPHONE and iPAD: Download our free application in the Apple App Store, just search for LogicView
  • Automatic electronic results delivery via encrypted email
  • Faxes
  • Courier delivery (hard copies of our reports)
  • Direct interfacing to your electronic medical records (EMR) systems for seamless information sharing
  • Auto Print results to any printer attached to a PC

New video-based reporting

The latest information-sharing technology pioneered by PathLogic is our proprietary PathCast™ Video-Based Pathology Reporting. This involves Internet-based video reporting that enables the referring physician to view a brief video of the pathology slide and listen to our pathologist’s description and interpretation.

See PathCast™ in action.

PathCast™ provides you with the opportunity to not only see the pathology slide results, but also to listen to the pathologist’s interpretation over the Internet, as a video presentation, whenever you have the time. While hearing our diagnostic interpretation, you can also view the entire pathology slide if you wish, thanks to PathLogic’s digital pathology.

New video-based conferencing

PathLogic is proud to introduce our industry changing video conferencing with PathConference™. This service is available by simply clicking on a web link while viewing your pathology results on our results web portal. An immediate video conference is setup between the client and the signing pathologist, providing the opportunity to discuss the pathologists interpretation and diagnosis in the report. This technology is supported on any PC or iPAD2 or iPAD3.

Industry leading client product platform

Recycle your other lab's clunky PC, and move over to results via iPAD. PathLogic has partnered with Atlas Medical, to provide your practice with an ordering and results application for the iPAD and iPHONE. With the iPAD enjoy the opportunity to use this tablet anywhere in your office and view and print results to a color wireless printer located anywhere in your office. Take advantage of the LogicView iPAD application and create lab orders while treating your patient in the examination room.

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